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New Balance

New Balance 574 Core

New Balance 574 Core


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Describing the 574 as 'The most New Balance shoe ever' captures its essence, but there's more to the story. Contrary to being a platform for groundbreaking technology or a showcase of premium materials, the 574 stands out as an unexpected icon. It was crafted with the intent of being a dependable shoe capable of excelling in various tasks, rather than aiming for revolutionary feats.

This unassuming and straightforward versatility propelled the 574 into the realm of timeless classics. Its hybrid road/trail design, featuring a broader last compared to the narrower racing silhouettes of the previous generation, offered a distinctive blend of newness, simplicity, ruggedness, durability, and comfort. This unique mix made the 574 a globally embraced closet essential.

Today, the 574 has become synonymous with New Balance's style that defies boundaries, worn by individuals from all walks of life. It's a testament to the shoe's enduring appeal and adaptability.

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