Vasco de Gamma would put its compass in there

Captain's best friend

The compass is kept warm in here

De Vinci put his brushes in it

Van Gogh put his brushes in it

Charlie Chaplin gave it some tone back

It illuminates Thomas Edison

Jacques Cartier just ripped off his map

Contemplated all day long by La Joconde

I'd rip off my sail to make one for myself

A mast, it turns fast, watch out

Einstein kept his apple

Mandela's values are well stored

Magellan's boo drags it everywhere

Better not be ambidextrous

Getting spotted at the supermarket

The Unlikely

The Intouchable

The Unsinkable

The risk of being robbed

Jacques Cartier couldn't believe his eyes

Spring-summer-autumn-winter Collection

An oceanic spirit

Fantastic innovation

Essential companion of creativity

A new life

A breath of fresh sea air

History carried by sailing

A unique story at your fingertips

An atypical journey that ends in your hands

A must have

Subtle exotic touch

The wanted lonely traveler

Hence the name, Bermuda Triangle

Because I'm worth it

Man overboard

Bermuda Triangle compliant copy


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